Launch of Simrad BoatConnectâ„¢

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Take on an existing IOT project, 1 year into development, to help complete the project and launch an IOT smart boat monitoring product and service. This took 7 months.


This was the first ‘smart’ product (a hybrid of both hardware, software and digital) for Navico, a global leader in marine electronics and owner of the Simrad brand. The product was aimed initially at the North American market, at an entry-level price of $99 with an in-app monthly subscription of $19.99


This entailed the manufacture of a smart hub, sensors, android and iOS apps, cloud integration and marketing material and go-to-market plan. It was a multi-million dollar project reporting to c-level execs. I used both Agile and Waterfall techniques.


There was a cross functional team that comprised of:

  • 2 x Product owners (1 hardware, 1 software) (UK)
  • 3 x frontend app developers (UK)
  • 1 x QA lead frontend (UK)
  • 1 tech services lead (UK)
  • 1 cloud architect (UK)
  • 2 x cloud backend developers (Russia/UK)
  • 1 x UX/UI designer (UK)
  • 1 x brand marketing lead (UK)
  • 1 x brand marketing lead (US)
  • 1 x e-commerce lead (UK)
  • 1 x Customer Service Director (Netherlands)
  • 1 x Customer Service Head (US)
  • 1 x Technical Performance Manager (Norway)
  • 15  x Product Validators (New Zealand/UK/US/Norway/Sweden)
  • NPI Engineer (Mexico)
  • Delivery Manager Hardware (Mexico)