Here you’ll find a list of projects I worked on in 2018


Launch of a blockchain ICO 

The Brief

To lead the launch of Tubbeo’s ICO . This project focused on the creation of a transparent and trustless system to manage intellectual property for digital video online.

The Team
  • 3 x Business owners (TH)
  • 1 x Platform Product Manager (UK)
  • 2 x Blockchain developers (UK)
  • 1 x Project Manager (UK – me)
  • 1 x Whitepaper writer/creator (UK – me)
  • 1 x  Web Editor (UK)
  • 1 x Token Utility and Token Economics expert (HKG)
  • 1 x Insurance expert (TH)
  • 1 x Digital designer (TH)
  • 1 x Partnership Manager (UK)

My responsibilities

To lead the ICO project from inception to launch. To ensure that an MVP was available at launch and to create the whitepaper, thought leadership articles and prepare a go-to-market plan.