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Here you’ll find a list of projects I worked on in 2018


Launch of a blockchain ICO 

The Brief

To lead the launch of Tubbeo’s ICO with an aim of raising $10 million USD for product development and go-to-market. This project focused on the creation of a transparent and trustless system to manage intellectual property for digital video online.

Team members worked at Sony, Huawei, Ernst & Young, Paramount Pictures and Fidelity.

The Team
  • 3 x Business owners (TH)
  • 1 x Platform Product Manager (UK)
  • 2 x Blockchain developers (UK)
  • 1 x Project Manager (UK – me)
  • 1 x Whitepaper writer/creator (UK – me)
  • 1 x  Web Editor (UK)
  • 1 x Token Utility and Token Economics expert (HKG)
  • 1 x Insurance expert (TH)
  • 1 x Digital designer (TH)
  • 1 x Partnership Manager (UK)

My responsibilities

  • Lead the ICO project from inception to launch
  • Ensure that an MVP was available at launch
  • Write/create the whitepaper
  • Create thought leadership articles
  • Prepare a go-to-market plan.

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