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Here you’ll find a list of projects I managed and worked on before 2015


Sony promotes use of the Xperia Email and Calendar apps

To raise awareness of the Xperia Email and Calendar apps, we created a BTL explanatory video. I worked as the key B2B stakeholder and copy editor.

Tasks: Syncing with software teams, stakeholders, Marketing, PR, Social Media, copywriting, editorial review.



Sony launches the Xperia brand into B2B markets

I managed a 6 month project to create an informative business section on

These pages are now used in 60+ markets and are translated into 33 different languages.

Editorial tasks: Copywriting, page design, wireframes, wordpress, publishing

Management tasks: Shifting mindsets, educating management about moving into B2B, syncing with stakeholders, design agency, content co-ordinators, marketing, PR, Social Media






Xperia in Business pportal















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