Launch of Sony’s Audio Control API


To manage a global project, enabling developers to create control apps for compatible Sony audio products.  This was a major step into the IOT and Home Automation markets, as well as the first time for Sony to release an audio API.

The team consisted of:

  • 2 x software engineers in Japan
  • 1 x software engineer in Sweden
  • 1 x technical editor in USA
  • 1 x direct major stakeholder in Japan
  • 1 x partnerships manager in Sweden
  • 1 x project manager (me) in UK

My responsibilities:

  • Global Project Management using agile techniques.
  • Creative direction, responsible for the development of webpages on Sony’s Developer World, BTL promotional video and marketing assets.
  • Website developer, creating the UX and UI.
  • Editor, creating copy to suit the webpages and editing technical copy.
  • Marketing, responsible for planning the launch and go-to-market strategy.


Redesign of Sony’s Theme Creator webpages


To redesign the webpages for this mobile theme development tool, in alignment with guidelines for Sony’s Developer World website.

The team consisted of:

  • 1 x major stakeholder in Sweden
  • 1 x tool designer/engineer in Sweden
  • 1 x project manager, web designer and copy editor (me) in UK

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