Here you’ll find a list of projects I managed and worked on in 2017


Launch of Sony’s Audio Control API

The Brief

To manage a global project, that enables developers to create control apps for compatible Sony audio products.  This was a major step into the IOT and Home Automation markets, as well as the first time for Sony to release an audio API.

The Team
  • 2 x Software Engineers (Japan)
  • 1 x Software Engineer (Sweden)
  • 1 x Technical Editor (USA)
  • 1 x Direct major stakeholder (Japan)
  • 1 x Partnerships Manager (Sweden)
  • 1 x Project Manager (UK) – this was my role
My responsibilities
  • Global Project Management using Agile techniques.
  • Creative direction, responsible for the web development on Sony’s Developer World.  Also to create a BTL promotional video and marketing assets.
  • Website development, responsible for UX and UI.
  • Editorial, responsible for copy that was factually correct and easy to follow.
  • Marketing, responsible for planning the launch and go-to-market strategy.

Launch of Sony’s new Developer World website

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The Brief

To play a Business Analyst and Editorial role in providing stakeholder input to this major project – together with other Project Managers and Editors. I supplied expertise regarding UX/UI, content migration and took on hands-on tasks, like copywriting and web building.

The Team
  • 5 x Business Analysts/Editors (Sweden and UK) – my role was here
  • 5 x External Developers (Sweden)
  • 3 x Technical Content Writers (Sweden)
  • Multiple Stakeholders (Japan/Sweden)
  • 1 x Project Manager (Sweden)

Redesign of Sony’s Theme Creator webpages

The Brief

To redesign the webpages for Sony’s mobile theme development tool, available on Sony’s Developer World website.

The Team
  • 1 x Major stakeholder (Sweden)
  • 1 x Software Engineer (Sweden)
  • 1 x Project Manager, Web Designer and Copy Editor (UK) – this was my role

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