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Sony becomes first OEM to get Google’s Android Preview

I managed the communication side of a project for Sony, announcing that the Android N Developer Preview software could be flashed on selected Sony Xperia devices. This enabled developers to test apps in preparation for the official Android N release. This project marked the first time that Google had ever provided an OEM with access to developer android software.

Editorial tasks: page design, copywriting, CMS publishing, manage image creation, internal and external review processes.

Management tasks: regular syncs with Marketing, PR, Social Media and stakeholders.

Check out the webpage and the blog post.

Android N Preview


Sony promotes theme creation for Xperia devices

I managed this project, ensuring a measurable increase in designers using Sony’s Theme Creator tool to create themes for Xperia.

Editorial tasks: Copywriting, page design, CMS publishing, storyboarding, script writing, image manipulation.

Management tasks: Synced with Marketing, PR, Social Media, Software teams, stakeholders.


I created a series of web pages and worked with a video editor on the 2  tutorial videos below.



Sony markets the B2B capabilites of Xperia smartphones and tablets

We created a BTL marketing video to promote Xperia devices to the B2B market.  I worked as the key B2B stakeholder.

Tasks: providing B2B knowledge, managing other business stakeholders and their input, regular syncs with the design agency, Marketing, PR and Social Media.



Sony promotes use of the Xperia Email and Calendar apps

To raise awareness of the Xperia Email and Calendar apps, we created a BTL explanatory video. I worked as the key B2B stakeholder and copy editor.

Tasks: Syncing with software teams, stakeholders, Marketing, PR, Social Media, copywriting, editorial review.



Sony launches the Xperia brand into B2B markets

I managed a 6 month project to create an informative business section on

These pages are now used in 60+ markets and are translated into 33 different languages.

Editorial tasks: Copywriting, page design, wireframes, wordpress, publishing

Management tasks: Shifting mindsets, educating management about moving into B2B, syncing with stakeholders, design agency, content co-ordinators, marketing, PR, Social Media






Xperia in Business pportal















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